Each Side Clamp™ wall mount is made of polycarbonate and is very tough. The Foam Rail™ cross bars included in this package are a special three foot size. The length of the rails in the Foam Rail™ 2pack are five feet.

Quick Overview

    Package Includes:

  • 6 Side Clamp wall mounts
  • 6 special 3 foot Foam Rail wall mounts
  • Custom bag
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Never cause damage again with nails, strapping or tape. Use the Side Pack instead. It has everything you need to seal both sides of your ZipWall® barrier. It comes with 6 special 3 foot Foam Rail™ crossbars, 6 Side Clamp™ wall mounts, and a custom bag to carry everything. To seal the sides of the barrier, attach the Foam Rails to the Side Clamps, and then latch them to the poles next to the wall. The Foam Rails will push the plastic against the wall, creating a tight seal. Overlapping them, enables you to completely seal any wall up to 9 feet high.

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Manufacturer: ZipWall

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